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About Tashaka
Tashaka is involved in so many projects and movements, from Photgraphy to helping others build businesses.
So this is the place to get to know a little more about what she does and what you can get involved in!
About Tashaka
As a well accomplished vocalist with over 30 years of experience performing, Tashaka has been involved in many exciting projects.
Tashaka has had the pleasure of touring most of the world with various pop artists and has a very impressive working background, both singing and acting, wether on television or performing in the West End.

With a continual passion for performance, Tashaka now teaches singing privately and at secondary schools in Nottinghamshire. Coaching vocalists in small groups and one on one, Tashaka works on all aspects of singing and performance techniques, for pupils of all ages and abilities.
Tashaka is currently a business owner, working in the health and wellness sector, but she still has plenty of time to perform with husband Craig Baumber in vocal duo The BPMs!

Tashaka also appears regularly alongside Iain palmer in the band function and party band 'Miles Harlem'. The band appear up and down the country playing weddings and functions alike, in venues and for clients such as:
Belvoir castle - Nottinghamshire, Silverstone - Northamptonshire, Floridta -Soho London, Four Pillars Hotel Group, Toyota, The Resort Group, Experian, Langar Hall - Nottinghamshire
To find out more about the band please visit www.milesharlem.com for more information.

"Tashaka proved to raptured audiences just how brightly she sparkles, she is a natural, a true professional, with a flawless relaxed style." 
 Orla Moore (EDP - Currently Senior Broadcast Journalist and Producer BBC News)

Training: Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts LTD (1988-1993)
Theatre: The Lion King (1999-2001), Smokey Joe's Cafe UK TOUR (1998-1999)
TV: Eastenders (Lou-Lou 2003), Birds of a Feather, One Foot in the Grave / The Pit and the Pendulum, Hale and Pace, Uncle Jack
Film: Love Actually
Backing Vocals: West life, Lighthouse Family (Asia/Europe Tour 2002), Samantha Mumba, Misteeq (Uk Tour 2002), Miss Dynamite, Bellfire, Andrea Bocelli, Kenny Thomas, Nathan Moore, Jamelia, Princess, Peter Andre, Shayne Ward (Debut single) "Thats my Goal", Journey South, Russell Watson, G4, Take That and Leone Lewis (Debut single) "A moment like this", Paris Fashion Week (2016) - H&M Collection.
Music Videos: Jinny "Keep Warm", Samantha Mumba "Lately", Lonyo "Garage Girls", Zuccero "Baila", London Beat "Lover You Send Me Colours".
Commercials: Disney's Frozen Singalong DVD Release, Cool Aid, Natwest
Commercial Dance: Jinny / Keep Warm (Uk Tour), Mark Morrison / Crazy
Other appearances include: TOTP, Gmtv, Parkinson, CDUK, Party in the Park, Big Breakfast, The Word, Children in Need, Hit me baby one more time, This morning, T4 On The Beach, T in the park, Fully Booked, Glastonbury, Jules Holland, The Brits, Sky sports Awards, Paul O'Grady and The Record of the Year Awards, Road and Railway Safety films and The Underground.
Scott Mills: Scott was in the process of putting together his show 'Scott Mills The Musical" for the Edinburough Music Festival in August 09. So Tashaka and husband Craig sent some song ideas in to Scott at Radio 1 after he requested that any listeners who had ideas for the show do so. Scott liked the 5 songs so much he played them a number of times on his show and referred to Tashaka an Craig as "our songwriters" stating they are very likely to be used in the show and requested "more like this please!"
Four of their songs including Scott's favourite 'The Scott Mills Musical - Opening Song' have been put on his web page at Radio 1 for listeners to re-play.

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Tashaka's Links
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View Tashaka's Photography 
here. Get in touch to book or for pricing.
View and listen to Tashaka's band
Miles Harlem. Get in touch to book or for pricing.
View and listen to Tashaka's vocal duo
The BPMs. Get in touch to book or for pricing.
Vocal Coaching
"I believe young people thrive the most when challenged and produce work dependent on what is expected of them. I have great expectations when teaching vocals and my pupils always achieve a sound, wether individually or as an ensemble, beyond their years."

"T has given me the confidence to follow my dreams"


"T's lessons are not just brilliant at building on your voice, but they are brilliant at boosting your confidence. I felt that things were explained in a way I'd understand and after time you gain your own understanding of what you're doing wrong and gain an understanding of how to put it right, or reach that big note. I like how I was pushed to try new things and new songs, and to bring more feeling, texture and tone to my songs. I always enjoyed going to the lessons as they're a great laugh and good fun as well. Dan" - Daniel Spendlow

Theatrical pupils live the High life
A WEST End star and former backing singer for a pop heartthrob has been helping prepare youngsters for their upcoming musical production.
With their unique performance of popular American hit High School Musical coming up, the budding stars from Norwood Primary School, in Gunthorpe, Peterborough, were over the moon with the special visit from Tashaka Baumber. With her wealth of experience as a performer in the West End and her time as a backing singer for X Factor winner Shane Ward, Tashaka had plenty of tips to hand over during the sessions. As well as handing down some handy acting pointers, she gave the group of youngsters some vocal training, teaching them how to carry their voices on stage - Published Date: 05 March 2009, By Marie Baker

"Tashaka instantly made me feel at ease, she is so friendly and personable, yet also very professional and an amazing singer herself. Her teaching methods have brought me out of myself and enabled me to develop good singing habits (and break bad ones!). Most importantly she helps me to believe in myself!" - Jo Tilley

'Tashaka is a great teacher, her teaching style works not only on vocal technique but building confidence too. T is very friendly and approachable and instantly makes you feel comfortable enough to sing in front of her. T has helped me so so much and I feel my singing and confidence have improved due to her lessons. So thankyou T!! xxx" - Anna Eason

"I really looked forward to my lessons with T. With her guidance I think I became more confident in my ability, and using her techniques and expertise I managed to conquer some very difficult songs!" - Bethan Griffiths

"Since I have been singing with Tashaka, both myself and my family have been amazed at my progress! My voice has gone from strength to strength. I have learnt how to control my volume, harmonise, improvise, worked on tuning and placement and even recorded my songs using the professional recording equipment. My time with T has given me the confidence to follow my dream of being a performer and helped me into drama school. For this I am truly grateful!'
- Harriet Watson

"I had singing lessons at school for 4 years with Tashaka and have made an enormous improvement, not only in my voice, but in confidence and self-belief, through Tashaka's constant support and encouragement. My singing lessons have brought out an individual style which I have developed through song choice and styles that Tashaka feels suit me best. I never feel I am not 'being myself'. Working with Tashaka has inspired me to live my dream, as her support and help have given me a lot of confidence. I would recommend Tashaka's singing lessons to anybody who wants to improve vocally and grow as a performer - A truly amazing singing teacher!" - Rebecca Smith (17)

"Tashaka has taught me since the age of 14 and I have progressed so much with her help. Her lessons are fun and I have learned a lot of techniques that I can use myself to practice in my own time. I have also had more experience in performing with The Magnus Choir and doing other singing concerts. Without Tashaka's help, I wouldn't have been able to do this! Thanks T!" - Rachel Percy

“Years 3 and 4 were visited by Tashaka Baumber who played Nala in the West End production of the Lion King. She has also been a backing singer for Shane Ward and Westlife. The children had a fantastic time listening to and singing songs from the Lion King which is the story they have been focusing on in Literacy and links with their topic of Africa. Everyone sang so well that Miss Warren's class and the office staff came in for a mini-concert!” - GUNTHORPE PRIMARY SCHOOL NEWS

"Tashaka is a fantastic singing teacher, providing excellent teaching techniques that have improved my voice immensely. Tashaka has also given sound advice regarding gigs and auditions. Thanks T for making me a better singer!" - Jessica Crosby
"When Tashaka joined our school she transformed the opportunities available to our students. She inspired students with her experience and professionalism. Lessons were fun and students were encouraged and successful in achieving extra qualifications. It was a privilege to work with an artist who is so dedicated." - Nick Entwistle (Head of reforming arts - Magnus CofE)

Tashaka is a vocal performance coach based in Nottingham. Having many years of performance and teaching experience, her lessons are a fantastic way for singers to build confidence, develop and nurture a love of performing and express themselves in a way like no other! She believes that young people thrive the most when challenged and produce work dependent on what is expected of them. Having worked with vocal groups, choirs, solo singers and running performance workshops for the past 12 years, the results are always astonishing!

Tashaka will help you explore and develop your own voice at your own pace, in a safe, supportive, respectful environment. Learn skills such as, correct breathing, projection, voice control, expression, dynamics, improvisation, audition preperation, increased range, improved tone production and quality.

Experience individually-tailored training and coaching at an appropriate level. Learn microphone technique and work on a wide variety of genres, repertoire and styles. Lessons are extremely relaxed, informal and fun!

Private Lessons - Hourly lessons are held weekly in Carlton Nottingham. You are required to pay for your first lesson on booking, lessons are payed weekly on the day thereafter. Please get in touch to find out more or check availability. 24 hours notice for a cancellation is required, the payment for your first lessons however, is non-refundable. To make a payment for your first lesson please visit the SHOP page.

Skype Lessons - For those further affield I am available for Sype sessions. These are Flexible and great fo people with busy schedules or that would rather take lessons in the comfort of thier own home. Suitable for all ages. These sessions are payed for in advance via the shop page and times are arranged by emailing skype@tashaka.co.uk.

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